Shining in the Rain

A child excited about summer rainy day outfits

Summer rainy day outfits. That concept probably seems like an oxymoron, but hot weather means storms, and storms mean rain. This is our top outfit advice for you and your kids when the warm days turn wet.

The song I Can’t Stand the Rain was written about people like us at Stuck On You. You know, the ones who scurry into the shelter like endangered Gremlins at the first sign of water. But in the hemisphere where wet days outnumber dry ones, the rain fazes very few. Kids simply chuck on their summer rainy day outfits and play outside as they normally would.

As a Dutch friend said one rainy evening while trying to coax me out of a bus shelter: “You’re not made of sugar.” Although this was a somewhat erroneous point given that we’d just left a dessert bar.

While summer may be in full swing right now, it’s not necessarily all blue skies ahead. But don’t let a bit of wet weather put a dampener on your spirits. The key to tolerating—and possibly even enjoying—the summer rain comes down to choosing the right gear. Read on…

Ditch the umbrella and don a raincoat

Umbrellas can be pretty bothersome. They turn inside out at the slightest breeze, poke your eyes out, and lose themselves on buses and trains. Plus, you have to hold them up while you walk—a metabolically-cumbersome endeavour for the lazy.

Raincoats are brilliant because they do away with the above annoyances. For you fashionistas out there, you may be surprised to learn there are plenty of lovely raincoats and waterproof trenchcoats that will keep you dry and fabulous while you go about your daily business!

Little ones who tend to lose anything that’s not attached to their bodies will also raincoats are especially useful.

A picture of a child walking through a puddle


Avoid denim or any other dense fabric

In the event that you get caught in the rain, the last thing you want is to squelch around being damp and itchy all day. Wearing thin, quick-dry fabrics will help lessen the discomfort. For example, a loose cotton shirt is breathable, will not cling to your body, and will dry quickly.

Where possible, you should consider wearing dresses or skirts in wet weather because soggy pant-leg bottoms are no fun. And clothing made out of microfibre is especially useful for small children as, not only is it easy to dry, but it’s also easy to clean. A combination of these makes the perfect summer rainy day outfit!

Unless you’re entering a wet T-shirt competition, avoid light garments

If you don’t wish to treat polite (and impolite) society to an impromptu display of your private bits, ensure you wear clothing with a darker palette—or sufficiently distracting patterns.

For kids, dark and/or patterned clothes have the added benefit of disguising mud spatter and other rain-related mess.

Avoid suede or uncoated leather shoes

Materials such as these won’t hold up well in the wet, and can even be permanently ruined in the worst case scenario!

Instead, wear sneakers or sandals (it’s summer—they’ll dry quickly). Children can put on a pair of gumboots or some beach shoes. Ideally, your footwear should have rubber soles as these have a decent grip, which will help prevent you from slipping on the wet ground.

Image: giphy

Invest in waterproof makeup

Getting soaked to the bone might make you feel like a sad clown, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like one too! Consider wearing waterproof makeup so you don’t scare people in the office.

Use a waterproof bag that closes fully

We imagine you probably want to also protect any goods you’re transporting in the rain from moisture. In this regard, a ‘top loader’ type bag or backpack like the one pictured would be particularly useful.A picture of a child's waterproof backpack








Last but not least, wear something bright

Inspire a cheery mood in yourself and others by donning a vibrant attire. It is particularly useful to dress your kids in bright and bold hues, as this makes them easier to spot while they gallivant around in the grey.

And there you go, folks! The next time the weatherperson announces rain, don’t coop yourself and your kids up at home driving each other crazy. Get out there in your summer rainy day outfits and embrace it!

Got any other suggestions for summer rainy day outfits? Let us know in the comment section below!


A picture of a child wearing a raincoat after a storm