QUIZ: Are you a stationery addict?

Papyrophilia is an obsessive love of paper, but in common-usage terms, this extends to an obsessive love of all things stationery. Take this highly sophisticated quiz to find out if you’re a stationery addict. YOU KNOW YOU’RE A STATIONERY ADDICT WHEN… (Tick all that apply) You organise your pens by colour, brand, nib type or […]

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The paper calendar: Still around and still awesome!


A brief history of the paper calendar The paper calendar – including diaries and planners – boomed during the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s, when bosses and managers needed dedicated personnel to handle their busy schedules. Planners, which were initially the domain of upper-class men, were increasingly being embraced for personal use by women and […]

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Giving kids the tools for a smooth back-to-school

Going back to school shouldn’t mean going back to bad habits. Lost permission slips, untidy desks, overflowing backpacks and panic over last-minute assignments will be a thing of the past with a few simple changes to your routine. Kids need structure to help them get organized. By working together you can make sure mornings run […]

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The joys of stationery! 5 ways that paper beats digital technology.

Personalised Stationery

In this highly digital age, it’s tempting to believe that a completely paperless world is just around the corner. However, computers can’t replace everything – there are still many ways in which the humble pen and paper triumph over digital modes of communication. Simple does it. It’s so easy to grab the nearest paper and […]

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Which Stuck On You label is right for me?


Feeling overwhelmed about what to label before school starts? Let’s put an end to that. Here’s our handy guide to what needs labelling, and which Stuck On You labels will help you avoid the Lost Property box this term. Let’s jump right into it… because that new school year is just around the corner! School uniforms […]

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Getting Ready for Camp 2017

School is almost over and everyone is beginning to get excited about summer. We know planning for camp can be stressful in many ways, so we’ve put together some tips on how to prepare that will hopefully ease your mind while getting ready. What they’ll need Consider if they’ll be going for the day or […]

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Stuck on You: How It All Began

Have you ever had a brilliant idea to solve a problem at home or at work, and thought “everyone should have this!” Well, at Stuck on You we know that feeling. In fact, how do you think it all began? Our story begins in 1995, when Carrie Felton, raising the eldest of three boys, realized she […]

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Teachers: Organise your classroom with personalised labels

Image: First Grade Made

Setting up your new classroom is a rite of passage for every teacher. Why not brighten things up with a range of personalised labels and stationery that will not only ensure all your resources are returned to the classroom, but will give your students a sense of belonging. Whenever they pick up a storybook, pencil […]

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16 essentials for setting up an art & craft space

Image: She Knows

I’ve never been very arty farty (my brother hogged all those genes) so I was always a bit hesitant to dip my toe into that pool with my toddler. However, lately she’s been coming home from daycare with great stories about finger painting, sensory play and messy outdoor activities in the art & craft space. […]

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