Wonder Women

A picture of a young child supporting Australian female sports stars

A contingent of Australian female sports stars is giving us plenty to be proud of—and showing all our kids the dizzying heights they can aspire to. The old, very antiquated saying goes something like this: behind every great man is a great woman. Pfft, step aside, fellas! Women are being great all on their own! […]

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The 11 undisputed rules of Backyard Cricket

The author's family take Backyard Cricket very seriously

A recent survey (of the Stuck On You team) has revealed that backyard cricket is the number one preferred sport to play on Australia Day. It’s also the number one reason behind most of the arguments that break out on this particular day. In the spirit of mateship, fairness and a bloody good time here […]

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The surprising ways zoos are great for children’s development

This blog comes courtesy of Miranda Luby from Werribee Open Range Zoo – which just so happens to be Stuck On You’s ‘local’. I know where I’ll be taking the kids these school holidays! The surprising way zoos are good for your child’s development Have you ever noticed this thoughtful design decision? You might think […]

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How to have fun with your trampoline and prevent injuries

This blog is courtesy of Elizabeth from Trampoline First. “Hi, I’m Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Liz. I’m the proud mamma bear to my daughter Olivia, happy wife and creator of Trampoline First. I love throwing backyard parties in the summer for friends and family, playing with my kid and writing.” Trampolines are super fun, […]

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How to create the ideal education playroom

If you have the space, creating a playroom for your child is a great way of giving them their own area where they can spend time playing and getting creative. You don’t even need to dedicate a whole room to this purpose — any corner or nook of your home can be turned into a […]

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5 easy cardboard crafts

Image: BBC

You know that old saying, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”? This wisdom clearly does not apply to children and cardboard boxes. We’ve all witnessed kids being far more enthralled by a toy’s packaging rather than the treasures held within. So in the spirit of making lemons into lemonade, or making cardboard boxes into… […]

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6 simple sensational slime recipes.

Slime - Basic

Goopy, squelchy slime. Not only does it feel nice (for some of us anyway), it will keep kids amused for hours. Plus, they’ll learn a bit about science – it’s a win win! Here are 6 super slimy recipes that make the perfect sensory play activity. Via Giphy. SIMPLY SLIMY This is a basic recipe […]

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The importance of sensory play

Child playing in the sand

Sensory play. What’s that? Yet another buzz phrase designed to make parents feel even more insecure about their parenting? Fear not. While sensory play is indeed an important component of child development, it’s also ridiculously easy (and fun!) to incorporate into your child’s everyday learning. First of all, what is sensory play? Sensory play is […]

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How to help your children make friends


As parents, we want our children to be happy, and having solid friendships is a key component. But what happens if your child is having trouble making friends? The Stuck on You Crew is here to help! Whether you are concerned that your child is struggling to make friends, or if your child is still […]

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Sensational Staycation Ideas


Whether you are wanting to save money, or keen to avoid the stress and hassles associated with planning a vacation in a far-flung location, staycations (or holistays) can be an awesome way for your family to experience the joys of home. Here are some fun tips to spice up your staycation. Get shorty Take the […]

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