Like Giving Candy To A Baby

A picture of grapes

From cotton candy grapes to bubbleberries, here are some fun ways to get your kids eating more fruit and veg. Grapes that taste like fairy floss and mini cucumbers that taste (slightly) like lemon. No, you’re not dreaming. These exist and make for great options if you want to expand your fruit and veg horizons. […]

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Dough Re Mi

A picture of a donut for donut day

It’s National Donut Day this Friday! And before you ask, yes, you can get donuts for free. National Donut Day. We promise it’s a real thing. In an age where we are all becoming far more conscious of what we’re eating—which, don’t get us wrong, is a very good thing—it’s comforting to know there is […]

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The Winter’s Circle

A picture of a child cooking winter food

The best winter food options you can pack into your children’s lunchboxes. If you’re thinking it’s getting harder to get your children up in the morning, you’re probably right. The colder months are looming large, and the task of exiting the comfort and security of a toasty warm bed is becoming more unwelcome for all […]

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The surprising ways that dinner choices can affect children’s sleep

Too few children get the sleep their minds and bodies need. In fact, on average, they’re getting an hour less than the recommended sleep length each night. While television, stress, and nightmares are common sleep disruptors for kids, the choices made at the dinner table can also play an important role in a child’s sleep quality. […]

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A busy parent’s guide to awesome work lunches

I’ve been a working mum for almost as long as I’ve been a mum. Despite that, I still have a lot to learn about nailing the perfect work lunch. Here are some wise pieces of advice gleaned from rigorous scientific research plus my own personal experience. Don’t skip brekky Isn’t this a blog about lunch, […]

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4 Tips to Get Your Kids Eating Healthier

It can be a tough old job when there are so many tasty yet terribly unhealthy snacks around. Chocolate bars, sour gums, salty crisps, sherbet dips, penny sweets, sugary spreads…. the list is endless. It does little good trying to convince our little ones of the value of a healthy diet; what we need to […]

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Australia Day BBQ ideas

Australia Day is synonymous with barbecues in the sun (hopefully). Whether you’re hosting, or contributing to, a barbecue, here are some easy recipes that are sure to impress. Most of these are can be prepared ahead of time, so all you have to do is rock up on the day and unleash your creation or throw […]

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The quirky history of gingerbread – Plus a darn good gingerbread house recipe!


Nothing says Christmas like gingerbread. But did you know that there is a rich history behind this much-loved dessert? Read on and you will learn everything you never realised you wanted to know about gingerbread – plus a delicious and easy gingerbread house recipe at the end! GINGERBREAD: HISTORY AND FUN FACTS The specific origins […]

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The evolution of the lunchbox

Stuck On You personalised lunchboxes

Lunchboxes… the humble vessels that hold our break time delights. But have you ever wondered about their origins and evolution? No? Well I’ll tell you anyway! A SHORT HISTORY OF THE LUNCHBOX What we know about the origins of the modern lunchbox comes primarily from the US. The lunch pail is considered a precursor to […]

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Bento Box ideas for adults

Taco bento

The Bento Box has swept playgrounds across the world, with kids (and parents) loving their colourful and fun presentation of food. Adults are increasingly hopping on the Bento Bandwagon in recognition of their eco-friendliness (no need for packaging) and encouragement of healthy portion control. Furthermore, for those so inclined, Bento preparation is said to be […]

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